eBay Motors advice... hot chicks = page views

Here's some advice for those of you out there using eBay Motors or any other online classified or auction site to sell your classic GTO muscle car. Insert a hot chick in a bathing suit into the main image of the listing. In the original listing, smokymountaintraders got 16352 page views for a nice, ordinary 1967 Pontiac GTO hardtop. This is about 20 times the amount of attention this listing should receive. Will it work? Follow the re-listing to see if it does the second time around. Apparently, the first time around $22,900 wasn't enough for the 67 goat.



Roll in the Monkees' GTO Monkeemobile

"Hey hey were the Monkees. And people say we monkey around. But we're too busy singin'. To put anybody down".

Remember that show from the sixties and seventies, The Monkees? If you were kid growing up in the seventies (like me), how could not have seen this show? It seems like it was run, and re-run, 24-7. The Monkees were groovy and had the wheels to prove it... a custom 1967 Pontiac GTO. Well, here's your chance to cruise around town and pick up chicks in your very own Monkeemobile. 

monkeemobile for sale on eBay

eBay user mnbats is the seller for this wonderful re-creation of the Monkeemobile from the TV show.

According to the eBay description, this "Monkeemobile Pontiac GTO built for the 45th anniversary band tour! This car is featured in an upcoming TV series with direction and commentary by the original designer and fabricator Dean Jefferies. This original 67 GTO 4 speed car was professionally transformed to a concourse grade show car with exacting detail to the engine compartment. Custom Radiator cap, Belt cover, Gold flake 671 Blower, Correct Crager wheels, correct "french" headlights, removable soft top, and much much more. It's cars European "sister" touring car sold this past July in the UK for $127,000.00 usd. This is the finest running and driving example of this 60's cultural icon. Serious bidders only. NO RESERVE!"

The current bid (as of 4:55pm PST on Friday Jan 20, 2012) is a whopping $84.9k!!!! Clearly, there is some interest in the car. The auction ends Jan 23, 201209:27:52 PST, so get your bids in.


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