OPGI, my personal favorite place to shop for GTO restoration parts, just recently updated their Website www.opgi.com (which was already pretty good). Here the details of what they did, according to an email they sent to their customers:

Live, Up-to-the Minute Product Availability Now Fully Integrated Into the OPG Website
At OPGI, we have always made it a high priority to have the product in stock when you need it. When shopping OPGI online, you'll now see that even when a product is out of stock, we have published arrival/ship dates at the product level! Why shop in the dark, when at OPG you can have all the product availability at your fingertips!
Enhanced Kit-Breakout at the Shopping Cart
When ordering a kit, our new automated cart software breaks it out so you can view all product details in that kit and insure it is precisely what you need, and it is in-stock when you place your order.
Kit-Swap-Savings® Now Available Online
OPG resto-shoppers can now get tremendous savings even when there isn't a sale going on.
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Complete Online Access to your
Order History Anytime 24/7

Whether you've ordered by phone, fax, mail or onthe web, you can now get total access to your entire order history. Click for details >>

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Your Password May Have Changed

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New Robust Car & Year Selections
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Now Accepting PayPal®
In addition to all the major credit cards, we are now accepting PayPal® for you convenience on our website.