Have you wanted to convert your current drum brakes to disc but have had a hard time finding the right kit because you've got the dinky OEM 14 inch wheels? Finally, someone is offering a solution. OPGI just began selling a disc brake conversion kit for GM A body cars that works for wheels as small as 14 inches.

As someone who owns a GTO with the smaller 14 inch factory wheels, I can attest to how impossible it has been to find a disc brake kit that works with anything less than 15 inches. So this is a big win for A body owners. No longer do you have to sacrifice stopping distance (or, stopping altogether) for originality.

GTO Disc Brake Conversion Kit

According to OPGI, each pre-packaged kit features

  • new cnc-machined steel caliper brackets
  • 11” rotors
  • OEM cast calipers
  • premium grade-8 hardware, bearings, seals, hoses, dust caps
  • detailed instructions
Kits are available in manual or power versions, which include a booster and master cylinder.