The bumper for my 68 GTO is finally out to get re-plated. This is a before pic. The bumper in this pic looks pretty good but up close, it doesn't as nice as it should in contrast to the new body paint. 

68 GTO bumper before image 

I chose Verne's Chrome Plating in Gardena, CA. Vern's has done chrome plating since the 1960s. They specilize in "show-quality" chrome and came recommended from my cousin who restores cars. Verne's use a triple chrome plating process, that consists of a copper base, nickel plating and then a hexavalent chrome finish. The latter uses chromates, which are not as eco-friendly, but actually provide a better, more corrosive resistant finish than the trivalent alternative. Need an eco-friendly bumper finish? Forgetaboutit. This is America and nothing says America like chrome bumpers on a classic car, so don't skimp!

I got the bumper back last week and boy did it come out nice. Verne's did a great job of straightening some of the kinks and the chrome is shinier than new.

68 GTO bumper after re-chrome

I'm looking forward to completing the restoration of the rear end and trunk of the GTO. Following will be a license plate restoration and trunk re-spatter.